Reel 2016 from Katie Wynkoop on Vimeo.        

Super Sonic Science – Photosynthesis

  I worked with an awesome team at Nick Jr to make this stop-motion and 2D animated music video happen, from the crafting of the set, to the three day animation shoot, to the character puppets and typography added in post. And throughout the whole process, we never once got this song out of our … Read More

Picower Institute for Learning and Memory: Holiday Card

Early last fall I was approached by the Picower Institute for Learning and Memory to create their Holiday content, consisting of a design for a printed card, which would be sent to donors, and a short complementary video to be posted on their website and social media channels. After an initial style exploration, the printed … Read More

*Emmy Winning* Girls In Charge

As part of the team that created this spot, I was responsible for the Harmony character animation of Nella the Princess Knight, as well as compositing and UI motion graphics. I also organized our in-house files for daily deliveries of assets to Jonas & Co, who put together the final cut. I love that we … Read More

Lands Away

Lands Away from Katie Wynkoop on Vimeo. A reflection and a celebration of the impact that literature, and fairy tales in particular, have made on our culture. It looks at the ways in which certain stories have become a part of the collective consciousness, to the point where they can be recognized at a glance.Well-known … Read More

Nick Jr – Summer 2017

Designed by Georgia Perry, Nick Jr’s Summer ’17 campaign was bright and juicy and basically reminded me of all my favorite sticker collections from middle school. Since the designs had such a hand-drawn feel, we carried that into the animation with a lot of 2D and traditionally animated elements. This was one of the IDs … Read More

Love is Love is Love

I initially drew this in response to the horrific Orlando shootings, inspired by Lin Manuel Miranda’s beautiful speech at the Tony’s: We live through times when hate and fear seem stronger We rise and fall and light from dying embers Remembrances that hope and love lasts long And love is love is love is love … Read More

Nick Jr – Sunny Day Music Video

Another VERY catchy song from the new Nick Jr show, Sunny Day. For this spot, I was responsible for Harmony character animation, editing, compositing, and special effects graphics, alongside several others on the Nick Jr team. I also managed our assets and progress to ensure that all the elements were finished on time. Crew: Jason … Read More

Smart Toy Web Videos

A motion graphics/live action piece about the safety and privacy to the new Fisher-Price product called Smart Toy. For this project I was given a script and style guide, from which I storyboarded, animated and edited all elements of the finished piece. Some illustrations from the product packaging were used and any additional images that … Read More