Picower Institute for Learning and Memory: Holiday Card

Early last fall I was approached by the Picower Institute for Learning and Memory to create their Holiday content, consisting of a design for a printed card, which would be sent to donors, and a short complementary video to be posted on their website and social media channels. After an initial style exploration, the printed … Read More

Smart Toy Web Videos

A motion graphics/live action piece about the safety and privacy to the new Fisher-Price product called Smart Toy. For this project I was given a script and style guide, from which I storyboarded, animated and edited all elements of the finished piece. Some illustrations from the product packaging were used and any additional images that … Read More

Educational Illustrations

A selection of illustrations that I’ve created that are very similar to work I’ve done as a freelance designer for an online-education company. Illustrations such as these were created to enhance word problems and add visual interest to elementary-level math lessons. In addition to illustrations like these I also generated a wide variety of charts … Read More

Imaginary Medicine Design

Playing around with vintage graphic design and hand-lettering this week. The idea behind this design is quack-medicine-gone-fancy, branding for a miracle cure-all syrup (that may or may not just be honey). I was thinking about things like this gem from Pete’s Dragon, and the name and color palette came straight from the very authentic and … Read More

Out & About: Animated Pop-Up Adventure

This “book trailer” was made to accompany my pop-up book experiment entitled “Out & About,” which chronicled my time spent studying abroad and traveling around Europe. The trailer was assembled in 3D layers within After Effects, using the same illustrations that were printed for the book. The process of re-creating the 3D book allowed me … Read More

Ms. B’s Bakery

  Working Brand Identity for Ms. B’s Bakery – A bakery and catering company that specializes in cakes and cookies that look beautiful and taste homemade, “just like grandma used to make.” We are going for a look-and-feel that is a little bit vintage, a little bit fancy, but keeps that warmth of a home-style … Read More