Super Sonic Science – Photosynthesis

  I worked with an awesome team at Nick Jr to make this stop-motion and 2D animated music video happen, from the crafting of the set, to the three day animation shoot, to the character puppets and typography added in post. And throughout the whole process, we never once got this song out of our … Read More

Paper + Plants

I love plants, and I love tiny things, and I love exacto knives. So tiny homes in my plants was actually kind of inevitable.

Lands Away

Lands Away from Katie Wynkoop on Vimeo. A reflection and a celebration of the impact that literature, and fairy tales in particular, have made on our culture. It looks at the ways in which certain stories have become a part of the collective consciousness, to the point where they can be recognized at a glance.Well-known … Read More


18×24 hand-cut paper leaf, 2013 Entropy, a set on Flickr. Save